Long skinny legs? Consider the following points to find the perfect fitting trousers:

Look for tapered fit trousers. Tapered fit means that the trousers are wider in the waist and narrow down from the knee to the leg opening.  Your thighs will appear more muscular and your overall legs will look a little bit shorter in comparison to your upper body.

Your trousers should be long enough. To short trousers will highlight even more that you have very long legs.

A short croth allows you to wear your trousers very low on the waist without getting a bulky butt. Wearing trousers low will again make your legs appear shorter in comparison to your upper body.

Cargo pants with side pockets make your thighs look wider and more muscular.

One brand which offers trousers that fulfil most of the named characteristics is G star raw. Most of the military inspired trousers by the dutch brand come with a sufficient length and a tapered fit.

The model above is called Rovic Zip 3D tapered. In size 31/34 it has an inseam length of  81 cm and a nice tapered fit.

You are searching for jeans? Check out the model lean dean by Nudie Jeans!

sweater: pyua